Vaughn Fahie (pronounced Foy) devotes his time, energy and talents to providing a tangible musical experience as a performing musician, recording artist, producer/ sound engineer, and artist mentor. In respect to performance, he delivers eloquent music for events as a soloist or accompanied by his band. As a producer/sound engineer, he provides a full studio experience that includes recording, mixing, and mastering of albums. His studio sessions also serve as a training ground to maximize the potential of artists and pass on his entrepreneurial knowledge and experience. His vision to both perform and produce came to fruition in 1999 with the establishment of his own musical production company and has expanded ever since.
Beginning at the early age of 8, his first music lessons were on the accordion. He shortly thereafter received a Casio Mini electronic keyboard. With an aptitude for playing songs by ear and creating his own musical arrangements of TV show theme songs, he transitioned to the upright piano purchased by his grandfather. During high school, Vaughn continued to perfect his keyboard skills and began playing the Hammond B3 Organ in his church under the tutelage of Jeffery A. Davis Sr. Additionally, Vaughn was introduced to the clarinet in junior high and continued playing this woodwind instrument in concert and marching band until the 11th grade. He then transitioned from the clarinet to the alto saxophone to accommodate his high school’s jazz band.  His improvised solos in jazz band, a skill he began cultivating as a young boy, promoted him to first chair alto sax before graduating high school.
Desiring to further his education, Vaughn graduated from Riverside Community College with an Associates of Science degree in Mathematics. During his time at RCC, Vaughn was actively involved on the drumline of the marching band and later became bass line captain. Consequently, the frequency of his saxophone performances diminished to about four to five times a year only for special events. Following RCC, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Business from Cal Poly Pomona University as a member of the first graduating class of this new degree. As a student worker, Vaughn honed his audio skills by both learning in the classroom and serving on the Audio/Visual equipment crew for the conference facilities of Cal Poly’s Student Union. During his time at Cal Poly, Vaughn returned to performing on his saxophone more frequently. It was during this time of educational development, he discovered his purpose in life.
Setting the atmosphere for special events has been Vaughn’s passion since college. With more than twelve years of event planning experience which included room arrangement, A/V equipment set-up, event operations and logistics, Vaughn possesses a keen sensitivity to how his music should complement and assist in the success of any special event. Understanding that music and proper planning has the power to transform every environment, he planned and coordinated his own outdoor wedding consisting of more than 400 guests. Vaughn, his beautiful wife RaShawna and their son Jordan Douglas currently reside in the Inland Empire of Southern California.
In celebration of Lisa, the owner of an upscale antique store in Orange County, her husband JT hired Vaughn Fahie (pronounced Foy) Jazz to provide the music for his wife’s surprise birthday party. Guests gathered in the back parking lot in preparation for their surprise entrance. As Vaughn parked, they began to cheer and share with other guests how beautifully he played at Lisa’s Christmas party a week before. Seamlessly occurring according to plan, Vaughn entered through the front door playing “Happy Birthday” on his alto sax as JT followed behind him.  Lisa was astonished and elated to hear the melodious sound she recognized from her Christmas party. She embraced her husband; her head rested over his shoulder in sincere appreciation. As the couple hugged, the train of party guests entered from the back of the store to surprise Lisa from behind. Vaughn then set up in the back of the store to provide ambient jazz for the remainder of the evening. Guests continued to rave about how Vaughn had once again “made the party.”  
The birthday surprise serves to paint a picture that words alone cannot adequately express.  Vaughn Fahie Jazz is an experience, one that captivates the soul, enthralls the mind and uplifts the heart. It is the intangible element of music that brings the elegant touch to your event. With twelve years of event planning experience and over twenty years of musicianship, he understands the impact of music necessary to make an event successful.
While table cloths, centerpieces, lighting, and room décor are all essential, none of these tangible elements reach the soul. Music, however, is intangible—embracing the elements that cannot be seen but felt. Vaughn’s musical presence permeates the atmosphere like the pleasant fragrance of a lit candle, a diffusion of truthfulness and sophistication. It is his authenticity that distinguishes this experience from recorded music. Live music sets the mood for the environment, massaging the seat of emotions, encouraging social interaction and eliciting joy. Because Vaughn can play by ear, he strives to customize the experience by playing what his patron desires to hear. Often asked what his favorite song to play is, he replies with a genuine grin, “the one that makes you smile.” He consults with his patrons as he seeks to mold his repertoire to the time frame and purpose of the social gathering, whether this gathering be a party of one or many.
There is no function too big or too small. Vaughn hopes his musical expression creates a communion between him and his listeners—fostering a network of enthusiasts and friends. His heartfelt and welcoming personality exudes a positive aura. You will be enchanted by his musical genius, dazzled by his refinement. The Vaughn Fahie Jazz experience is truly sublime. He looks forward to gracing your event, producing music guaranteed to sound divine.
Just a few notes, and your event will never be the same…