New Release for your relaxation! Click to listen and enjoy!

New Release for your relaxation! Click to listen and enjoy!

A result of his healing and recovery from a concussion, Vaughn shares with you music that will relax, de-stress and bring peace to your mind, body, spirit and soul.  Meditate with it, read, work, pray, sleep, get a massage, or just take a mental journey for a bit to clear your thoughts and "get away".
"Music is the most effective and quickest way to change your atmosphere, mentality and environment. When you have a choice of music to listen to...choose wisely and intentionally."   ~ Vaughn Fahie
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Partial list of clients, entities and venues that have enjoyed
the Vaughn Fahie Jazz Experience...
"Like a candle whose scent pleasantly permeates the room in which it is lit, l elicit smiles from your guests by melodiously setting the atmosphere with live jazz from my saxophones.
Just a few notes and your event will never be the same."
Musically Yours, Vaughn

Current Engagements


Jan 2 Tue 11:00a Riverside, CA Private
Jan 10 Wed 8:35a Newport Beach, CA Private
Feb 8 Thu 6:30p Anaheim, CA Vaughn Fahie's Jazz & Friends at Highway 39.
Feb 22 Thu 6:00p Los Angeles, CA Private
Feb 23 Fri 11:30a Seal Beach, CA Private
Feb 24 Sat 4:00p Anaheim, CA Private
Mar 3 Sat 4:00p Lake Arrowhead, CA Wedding
Mar 8 Thu 5:30p Upland, CA Private
Mar 24 Sat 10:00a Pasadena, CA Private
Mar 29 Thu 6:00p Santa Fe, CA Private
Apr 11 Wed 6:30p Costa Mesa, CA Private
Apr 15 Sun 3:00p San Pedro, CA Private
Apr 21 Sat 6:00p n/a Private
Apr 17 Tue 7:30p Costa Mesa, CA Public, OC Biz Mixer
Apr 25 Wed 11:00a Riverside, CA Private
May 10 Thu 6:00p Riverside, CA Private
May 11 Fri 7:00p Riverside Public, Scholarship Awards and Fundraiser
May 12 Sat 1:00p Anaheim, CA Public,  Live Music From Vaughn Fahie at Anaheim Packing House
May 19 Sat 6:00p Orange, CA Wedding
May 24 Thu 4:00p Pomona, CA Private
May 24 Thu 8:00p Anaheim, CA House of Blues Anaheim Debut
Jun 9 Sat 4:30p San Juan Capistrano, CA Private
Jun 13 Wed 7:00a Newport Beach, CA Private
Jun 13 Wed 5:30p Garden Grove, CA Private
Jun 16 Sat 7:00p Menifee, CA Private
Jun 25 Mon 4:00p Costa Mesa, CA Private
Jun 29 Fri 4:30p Diamond Bar, CA Private
Jul 14 Sat 4:00p Riverside, CA Wedding
Aug 9 Thu 11:00a Claremont, CA Private
Aug 11 Sat 2:00p Lake Arrowhead, CA Wedding
Aug 22 Wed 5:00p Costa Mesa, CA Wedding
Aug 25 Sat 5:30p Walnut, CA Private
Sept 2 Sun 2:00p Diamond Bar,CA Wedding
Sept 7 Fri 6:00p Laguna Beach, CA  Private
Sept 8 Sat 11:00a Beverly Hills, CA Private
Sept 8 Sat 7:00p Laguna Beach, CA Private
Sept 12 Wed 5:30p Newport Beach, CA Private
Sept 15 Sat 7:30p Costa Mesa, CA Private
Oct 4 Thu 11:00a n/a Private
Oct 6 Sat 5:30p Redlands, CA Private
Oct 11 Thu 5:00p Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Private
Oct 14 Sun 4:00p Phoenix, AZ  Private
Oct 25 Thu 11:00a Pomona, CA Private
Nov 7 Wed 5:00p Costa Mesa, CA Private
Nov 10 Sat 4:15p Ontario, CA Wedding
Nov 17 Sat 3:00p Yorba Linda, CA Private
Dec 6 Thu 9:00a Anaheim, CA Private
Dec 7 Fri 5:00p Huntington Beach, CA Private
Dec 12 Wed 8:45a Bloomington, CA Private
Dec 22 Sat 6:45p Huntington Harbor, CA Private



Jan 25 Fri 4:00p Santa Ana, CA Private
Feb 15 Fri 7:00p Fontana, CA Private
Mar 29 Fri 4:00p Costa Mesa, CA Wedding
Jun 1 Sat n/a Riverside, CA Private
Jul 20 Sat 6:00p Fontana, CA Private
Nov 13 Wed 6:00p Redlands, CA Private